Congratulations Ringwood
Rattler Cheerleaders
National Cheerleading Competition
2nd Place

Super Bowl Champions

2009 D-Squad Undefeated
 C-Squad Undefeated
2010 B-Squad
2012 B-Squad Undefeated
2013 B-Squad Undefeated

     Mission Statement:

 The Ringwood Football Coaches      Association makes every              reasonable effort to offer a broad    range of athletic opportunities that  are  responsive to the interests,  needs, and  skills of our student  athletes.  It  recognizes the  uniqueness of each  student athlete  and strives to provide  individual  attention.  The RFCA also  recognizes and appreciates the  diversity of its student athletes and  staff, and creates a program by  which  they can grow physically,  socially,  emotionally and  intellectually.  The  RFCA provides  student athletes with a  constructive  learning experience that  enables  meaningful growth and  enhances  the development of character  and  values that will be critical for  success later in life.                         

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